Hello all. Just wanted to let you know my self-hosted blog is up and running!

I’m so happy since it was pretty cheap. The only problem is I posted too much on this site and it’s really confusing and difficult to get everything from here onto my new one since I can only upload a small file lol.

Anyways, expect to see me posting on there now and not on here. I will be attempting to migrate my subscriptions onto my new blog, but if I can’t move some of you onto there, then you can just go over and follow either by email or bloglovin!

Hopefully I can get everything back to normal and you can interact with me like usual. For now, just follow my ig @soyvirgos for updates! Thanks!

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Let go of these in 2018 for a brighter YOU.

These are some things I have let go in the past years, and they have done wonders for my mind and happiness. There’s still a lot of work to do for myself, but I know I will get there. Here’s a few thing’s I’ve gotten rid of and how it made me a better me. Enjoy!Read More »

MARCH: The month to get things done!



Anyways, I just wanted to make a list of things to do this month. Usually March seems like a boring month, sorry March babies. What do you guys do on this month? Any holidays you celebrate?

Here’s some things I plan to do, or want to do in March.

(this post includes affiliate links!)

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Being a single 20 year old virgin and why it’s cool!

Hey, so I’m not a virgin ((but I basically was 19 and a virgin, I just quickly had sex for my 20th b-day)) so …sorry for being a fake lol!

If you’re still single in college, don’t worry! Being single is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of, you’re more strong and brave to have been able to hold out for so long! Many people have realized this, but if you’re still going through peer pressure or going through countless relatives being on your back about not having a partner, don’t sweat it! Do not let the pressure get to you if you’re not ready! I was just the same and so many other people are in the same boat too. I know you may not feel like there’s anyone who know’s what you’re going through, but just know there are plenty of people out there who have never had their first kiss. You can be one of the few people who make being single cool if you just be honest with yourself and show how happy you are without doing what everyone else does. I’m now 22 and have had my first boyfriend at 20, but if it wasn’t for the internet, I would most likely have been a single 20 year old virgin today (LOL).

Let me tell you why being in a relationship isn’t a priority, why being a virgin is cool and why twenty is a good age to still not have any experience in love, sex, hand holding, kissing and all that jazz! soyvirgo_singleandcool

(P.s, i know it says on some of my posts but i… i hope no one takes that domain if you do, you’re mean. Also, this is a long post and if you read it all, consider me your bae, your boo, your bestie, your binch and whatever else you wanna call me cuz I give you permission to. )Read More »

20 movies to watch with someone you love!

hey babes.. i just had to do this list because I’m always making lists of music and movies and anything else you can make a list about, so I might as well share them with ya’ll

I love watching movies alone but some movies aren’t that great to watch alone… some are perfect for watching with someone you like 😘 but even a few of these I listed are for you to watch by yourself so don’t worry if you are still single or friendless !!!

If you don’t know how to watch with someone who is far away, just make an account on You can watch anything with strangers all over the world. Just be careful for creeps that want to video chat. Anyway, here’s the list you been waiting for!

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a playlist for couples

I have the tendency to make playlists on many websites, for any feelings or occasion. So, here’s a lovey-dovey playlist for this month. Even if you’re single, single af, single and loving it or single and hating it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy at least one track from this. I for one don’t think you need to have a partner to be fully content because there’s friends, pets and other things that can make you feel complete. You never know when but you might just fall in love today….with one of these songs! (jk sorry to my single readers lol)

I will add lyrics if it needs translation or if the words are cute enough to note. Some videos are included only if I think they are worth watching or I really want you to hear the song asap lol…. okay enjoy!


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V-day gift guide

I made a list of things to get my man last February in my journal, but completely forgot about it. That’s the thing I hate about bullet journaling; I sometimes end up ignoring my own plans written on them. I thought up of a few more ideas along the way, from experience and from seeing ideas online. This is a helpful guide for anyone you want to get a gift for. Links to some of the products will be in the title, enjoy!

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January obsessions

Hello guys! Here’s a few things I’ve been obsessed with this month. It’s a mix of music movies, tv shows, some personal goals and other boring stuff you probably won’t care about, amongst other things! Also, I would love to know what my readers are up to as well. I love making lists of movies to watch and music to listen to. I take note of what anyone recommends. So, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments something you’ve been really into recently. If it’s music a movie or a game or anything else, I’ll definitely check it out! Please read to find out more.

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Join my creator/blogger board!

Hello readers. It’s been a while, but just remember that wednesdays are the only days I will be posting for now, a little later on I will start to post twice a week so be expecting that new schedule!

So I got this idea from other Pinterest users and thought it would be a good way for me to meet other bloggers and have a friendly group of creators share their content with each other. If you are a mutual of mine and would like to join, just comment below or send me a message on pinterest and I’ll add you right away.

For anyone else reading or coming here from Pinterest, here’s what you have to do to join the board.Read More »

How Internet friendships are as meaningful as irl friendships.

From high school to now, I haven’t really found friends who have a chance to hang out. Most times when I finally do go out, I’ll be at the mall with my mom, or getting Ramen with my cousin. I’ve learned to enjoy time alone because my siblings and I don’t really have the same interests. They have girlfriends, and jobs and I have my own life as well. Spending time alone is great to focus on yourself and all, but sometimes I really want to go out to eat or see an artist live and I have no one to go with. I might have someone to go with, but I’m mostly forcing them and I don’t feel comfortable bringing a friend to see something I like that they can’t get into. When I feel like I’m the only one who likes something, I start to feel alone. This is why I tend to revert to social media to find people with similar interests as me. This is my experience with internet friends, and why I think they’re as meaningful as relationships I have with friends from high school.

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